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We are offering best TSCM services, sweeping bugs, etc. around the Europe.

efficiency more than 95

The VIP Client TSCM

The most effective service our clients require is the ‘VIP client’ inspection (bug sweeping) - a premium service. The content of this examination includes a complete analysis, covering all aspects of the client’s premises, with training, and expert advice within the precified safety domains. This is a bug sweeping contract which lasts for at least 1 year.
Boasting over 95% efficiency

Ucinnost 85

Complete TSCM

We are happy to offer a service that achieves maximum efficiency in a single TSCM inspection. This service is especially designed for those clients who want to ensure that there is no interception device in their offices. During the course of the inspection, we use all the search equipment of our inventory including an in-depth physical inspection.

Ucinnost 70

Basic TSCM

By using search equipment within our inventory, we increase the effectiveness of our basic TSCM service.  During the TSCM service, we aim to find a particular radio and active interception devices in addition to regular physical inspection of offices. This would stand for a single TSCM service.


ObamaSecurity.com (Odposlechy24.cz) is not only the largest and most cost-effective online store in terms of interception devices in the Czech Republic, it also provides its services with a TSCM services, bug sweeping. We globally sell and rent unique safety technology that has been proven by professionals within the field. We provide our services primarily in the Czech and Slovak Republic; however, with a growing interest in our superior products, we started to export our goods all over the world in the beginning of 2013. 

We have been operating on the Czech market for four years and during this time, we have served over 3,000 satisfied customers. We have a technical solution for you regarding interception of mobile phones as well as solutions for secure communication means. 

Our range of products is being supplemented by the latest and most modern interception devices on the market. At this point, gizmos including the high-tech or top spy gadgets could be found among our technological conveniences. You might even want to try the miniature hidden cameras camouflaged in various designs.

You might want to obtain professional portable or stationary signal jammers. In this case, we will provide you with detectors that find hidden devices (e.g. bug, cameras or interception).

In addition to sales, we offer high standard services for finding interception devices and anti-interception TSCM service. These services are offered in both basic and VIP versions. All can be found in the Bug sweeping and TSCM services category.